calf's brain

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the brain of a calf eaten as meat

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I might be driving along on my way to enjoy a cholesterol-laden lunch, when the C5 pulls a sharp right and deposits me outside some French restaurant, which has garlic-flavoured garlic as a starter and things like calf's brain and snails on the menu.
Anyone who can sit down to a dinner of Calf's Brains, Rabbit Pie, Roast Squirrel, or Scrapple (the recipe's first directive calling for "Separate one hog's head into halves") and leave the table patting his stomach has a stomach somewhat stronger than mine.
We of the North raised on pigs' feet, calf's brains, or what have you find solace in the South's myriad offerings of seafood (in addition to Shrimp Wiggle, whose name alone has been known to satisfy one's appetite, as previously noted).
Instant nightmare visions of being stranded in the back-of- beyond with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no-one to talk to and nothing to eat except gross local specialities like bull's testicles and calf's brains.