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At the end of the description Wordsworth explicitly calls attention to its textual source in a footnote: "This description of the Calenture is sketch'd from an imperfect recollection of an admirable one in prose, by Mr.
I am so out of Spirits, & hopes, & humour, & pocket, & health, that you must bear with my merriment, my only resource against a Calenture.
And adding even more detail to the linguistic map is the almost ostentatious technical and scientific vocabulary in the narrative: pollex, surd, calenture, spalling, birl, fleam, ferrule, pelisse, blouson, marasmus, shallop, spurlinglines .
It's only later--near the end of her term of office, when she becomes frustrated with the unwavering contempt of her critics, the apathy of both the public and the Clinton Administration, and the ineffectualness of many of her own schemes--that Alexander takes her gloves off and starts to write with a sense of urgency, compassion and calenture.
13) The cosmopolitan entry in Zoonomia acknowledges the Swiss susceptibility, while also quoting Oliver Goldsmith's "The Traveler," and offering both the French "maladie du pays" and the British calenture as national equivalents.