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would all come before him in a sort of calenture, when his fingers played absently in his pocket with his great knife and his coil of whipcord, and other relics of the past.
I had several men who died in my ship of calentures, so that I was forced to get recruits out of Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands, where I touched, by the direction of the merchants who employed me; which I had soon too much cause to repent: for I found afterwards, that most of them had been buccaneers.
13) The cosmopolitan entry in Zoonomia acknowledges the Swiss susceptibility, while also quoting Oliver Goldsmith's "The Traveler," and offering both the French "maladie du pays" and the British calenture as national equivalents.
And adding even more detail to the linguistic map is the almost ostentatious technical and scientific vocabulary in the narrative: pollex, surd, calenture, spalling, birl, fleam, ferrule, pelisse, blouson, marasmus, shallop, spurlinglines .
The emigrants' only hope is to reach the eastern coast, where they will board ships to take them across the sea to the promised land--to Europe, in no little show of irony, where "there'd be no ague or calenture, no tick disease or cholera, no canker or malaria.