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(of paper and fabric and leather) having a surface made smooth and glossy especially by pressing between rollers


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Unkriier [27] carried out experiments using a calender having two rolls of 80 mm diameter and 1600 mm length, using PVC and PS (polystyrene) as calendered materials.
The firm says it discovered that Medalist 500 Series compounds can be adapted for this process, and has carried out a lot of research and development work with the manufacturer of Medalist TPEs to optimize the production and properties of the calendered films.
The company's line of calendered films for medical uses now ranges from 68 to 92 in Shore A durometer (15 sec delay), 2000 to 3200 psi in tensile strength, and 275% to 375% in ultimate elongation, Teknor Apex says.
Pacifica Papers is a producer of value-added groundwood printing and communications papers including lightweight coated paper, soft nip calendered paper, telephone directory paper, machine finished hibrite paper, and newsprint.
Marking uncured rubber extrusions--the challenge While advancements in product marking and tracking have been introduced to various areas of the manufacturing process, the marking of uncured stock, extruded tread and calendered products, in particular, has remained unchanged for decades.
Bombi also offers an ultra wide line for new fibers to produce thermal bonded wadding, calendered felt or foam bonded felt.
Discas found the same equipment could take PVC film scrap from calendered shower curtains and compound it into materials for shoe soles.
The Calendered Aramid Papers Used for Electrical Insulation standard (FI 3-1998) is a new standard for qualification and testing of calendered aramid papers for use in electrical insulation.
To date, Hefner covered its rolls with calendered sheets according to the winding principle.
Comparison of samples at 12 gsm coat weight and Janus calendered at 225 kN/m showed a reduction in PP[S.
The carded web of fibers and polymeric sheets are calendered by heating calendering points of a calender roll so that the polymeric sheet becomes bonded to the fibers and pull the fibers away from the calendering points, thereby generating apertures through the laminate.
Thermolite 350 and other customized organotin maleate stabilizers for calendered rigid PVC film/sheet where resistance to sulfide staining is required.
Older generation LWC papers were manufactured in three separate operations: first the paper was made on the paper machine, then coated on an off-machine coater, and finally calendered in a separate supercalendering operation.
The topsheet is calendered by heated points of a calender roll.
Also offers post-calender trains for mono-orienting calendered films.