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four weeks


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An item that normally requires more than 12 calendar months to complete.
We had based our contract on the number of hours of inspection and office time that we needed to provide, given the nine calendar months allowed the contractor for the project,'' said John Dickerson, president of VCE in a letter to Gilbert.
As such, per the section 57 (4)(a) the Operator of well C-36-A is entitled to keep well data confidential up until "2 calendar months after the date of release of the drilling rig for (the) well or portion of (the) well classified as a development well.
1 benefit BPU (construction) the applicant proposes the contract performance period in calendar month within the time limit set by the community for 10 calendar months.
Under ABC, Wisconsin will not provide, except under certain conditions, any additional benefits to existing Aid to Families with Dependent Children cases due to the birth of a child when the birth occurs more than 10 calendar months after implementation of the demonstration.
Additionally, the Company remains focused on its goal of attaining an operating profit (before interest expense and other non-operating income and expenses) and positive cash flow from operations during one or more of the calendar months in the quarter ending June 30, 2006.
1 BPU (construction) the applicant proposes the performance of the contract period in calendar month within the time limit set by the community in 10 calendar months.
Each cartoonist interpreted a uniquely humorous White Castle story for each of the calendar months.
Construction period: 8 calendar months spread over two phases each lasting four calendar months (mandatory part time).
In addition, the additional bonds test permits new series of bonds as long as historical net revenues for any 12 consecutive calendar months of the 24 preceding months is at least 1.
3) billing periods in which it will apply the interest rate determined in accordance with the calendar months: the first accounting period of the fixed rate of interest starts from the date of the loan, and ends with the last day of the calendar month in which the loan release: the last period of the fixed interest rate begins on the first day of the calendar month in which the relevant deadline for repayment of the loan;