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Synonyms for caleche

a woman's large folded hooped hood


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the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage

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The female protagonist, Marie, becomes a caleche driver because of a lifelong passion for horses, but soon after her arrival in Griffintown a murder shakes the caleche drivers to their core.
The symbol of this type of being is Harker and Dracula night trip: the caleche rushes at full speed, but Harker notices that they pass the same places again and again.
Among the array of works it hopes will excite the London audience is a rare caleche, or little coach, for a princely child, gilded, painted and lined with red velvet, dating from the latter half of the 18th century.
D'une part la caleche allant << comme le vent >> exprime Timminence de la separation et Turgence qu'il y a a prendre une decision.
13) The Count plays a similarly voyeuristic role as the driver of the caleche.
I once asked Guy Robert [the late perfumer and creator of the legendary Hermes Caleche and Madame Rochas perfumes] that question," says Edwards.
Par exemple, le mot banal, voiture, du francais, signifie charrette, caleche ou diligence si on se rapporte a la litterature du neuvieme siecle, mais, un siecle plus tard, il devient automobile ou wagon, fonction du contexte.
5) And in the wake of this episode, her silent, veiled, and anonymous shadow shuttling between Constantine and Bone accompanied by the black man to whom Rachid entrusts her connotes not only passivity and constraint, but total effacement: "c'est comme si elle n'etait plus; on ne la voit que dans un train ou une caleche, et ceux qui la connaissent ne la distinguent plus parmi les passantes.
He sensed the return of his self-esteem, optimism, and equanimity and felt so expensive that when the driver of a caleche leaned toward him and asked, "Tour of the city?
Deux autres citoyens, un homme qui passait en caleche et un jeune garcon, ont aussi ete atteints par les tirs.
2) Depuis la fenetre de la caleche, Miss Giddens observe la campagne radieuse, longe alors la frontiere claire-obscure d'un alignement de grands arbres, puis decouvre le domaine de Bly, oo l'etendue immobile du lac, dans l'ecrin du parc, semble faire echo au chateau fige dans la pierre.
Last November, Los Angeles County police officers stormed in on former beauty queen Caleche Ranae Manos as she and her fiancA(c) slept and ordered her out of bed, nude, before realizing they were in the wrong apartment.
Other attractions include boat cruises, caleche rides, a child-friendly science centre, and a Cirque du soleil performance.
In fact Lousteau blocks off the sight of the crumpled dress as he gets out of the carriage to send Gatien on another bogus mission, and Dinah, after a sulky return journey to Sancerre, "se sauva de la caleche chez elle en tachant de n'etre vue de personne" (727).
Ainsi, on passe par l'historique des premiers circuits et moyens d'interpretations visibles dans le quartier aux diverses cartes, circuits, expositions, visites a pied ou en caleche que l'on trouve de nos jours.