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a large crater caused by the violent explosion of a volcano that collapses into a depression

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0% of the number of Units issued in the Offering, each such broker warrant exercisable into one common share of Caldera at a price of $0.
Caldera stopped to help, thinking it would be an easy job.
Extending about 48 km (30 mi) across, the caldera now occupies center stage at Yellowstone (see map, p.
With its support for Intel Itanium processors, Caldera OpenLinux 64 will also be able to deliver world-class service to its global customer and partner base.
Our new Workstation product is an ideal environment for developing on Linux or developing for Linux-compatible platforms such as Caldera's Open UNIX 8," said Drew Spencer, chief technology officer at Caldera.
With Open UNIX 8 and OpenLinux Server, Caldera provides the best in UNIX and Linux deployment.
Caldera Inc was founded five years ago by current CEO Bryan Sparks with funding from former Novell Inc chairman and CEO Ray Noorda.
For that reason, scientists do not know what signs lead up to caldera eruptions.
They have charged the former Blythe Street gang member with first-degree murder in the 1991 shooting death of 16-year-old Kenneth Caldera Jr.
Oracle, the former SCO and Caldera have a long history of working together on projects such as performance optimization of Oracle's products and respective operating systems.
iMC is managing these servers with Caldera Volution (Volution), the award-winning Linux systems management product released this year.
US District Judge Dee Benson has denied Microsoft another of its nine Motions for Partial Summary Judgement in the company's $1bn antitrust trial against Caldera Inc.
Situated on a bay along the east coast of New Britain Island, Rabaul sits within a sunken crater, or caldera, formed during a huge eruption 1,400 years ago.
Available on Caldera's video channel, the seven new high-definition videos take aspiring hot tub owners on a journey through Caldera styling and design, low-maintenance water care, spa lifestyle health benefits and more.