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a large crater caused by the violent explosion of a volcano that collapses into a depression

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today detailed a new partnership that ensures the highest level of integration and support for OEM developers and integrators of embedded handheld, mobile and consumer electronics devices who combine Caldera DR-DOS(R) and General Software Embedded BIOS(TM).
Caldera will also announce the Caldera IT Contribution Award scholarship opportunity to BYU students in the Computer Science Department.
The Adaptive Server Enterprise release is immediately available for download from the Caldera Systems Inc.
Ransom Love was named as President and CEO of Caldera Systems, Inc.
Caldera's focus is delivering solutions to our channel partners," said Reg Broughton, senior vice president, operating systems and services, Caldera International.
call Caldera at (888) GO-DR-DOS (888-463-7367) or (801) 765-4999; or
Just three weeks ago, on May 11, Caldera began shipping DR-WebSpyder(R) 2.
Caldera is a trademark or registered trademark of Caldera International Inc.
Our agreement with Caldera has given us strong commercial viability in the Linux segment of the office productivity market," said Juergen Huels, Vice President of Indirect Sales for Star Division.
Caldera is honored to receive this recognition for the OpenWBEM project," said Drew Spencer, chief technology officer for Caldera International Inc.
We allege Microsoft created this illegal, artificial tie for the dominant purpose of eliminating competition," said Bryan Sparks, President and CEO of Caldera.
The Caldera OpenLinux product line is a foundation platform for the expanding Caldera Volution product family, which includes Caldera Volution Manager, Volution Online and the recently released Volution Messaging Server, as well as for the future delivery and support of Web services products.
1 is the secure, Web-based management and administration solution that now supports the latest versions of all major Linux distributions as well as Caldera OpenServer and Open Unix products.