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1989), and the results of this study, it is clear that not all students use the calculator in the expected way.
Elise Miller, program director for the Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), outlined the data elements that are required for the calculator template being developed by NCES.
Building on the cache of products such as the revolutionary HP-35 and the best-selling HP 12c Financial Calculator, we-are re-imagining their iconic elements, making them relevant and aesthetically engaging to today's users.
1972's Casio Mini made calculators affordable and accessible to individual consumers for the first time, and the scientific calculator, another Casio first, is now an indispensable tool in classrooms all over the world.
The studies were coded according to the following study characteristics: treatment group calculator type (basic, scientific, graphing); control group calculator type (scientific, none); educational division (elementary, middle school, high school, college); treatment length (0-7 weeks, 8-15 weeks, 16 or more weeks).
The Retirement Suite, which includes calculators such as the Retirement Planning Calculator and the IRA Comparison Calculator;
Casio supports mathematics education through its diverse lineup of scientific calculators, including standard models capable of complex computations, programmable models equipped with programming functions, and graphic models that combine graphic input functions with programming functions.
When many teachers, in primary schools, secondary schools and universities talk of calculators, the conversation is often about students using their calculators when they shouldn't; or relying on their calculator for an answer; or using their calculator instead of doing something mentally.
Graphing Calculators: Casio's graphing calculator lineup includes the fx-9860GII and the fx-9750GII.
And like many of his high school peers, Greg has found another use for his calculator, a Texas Instruments TI-83.
This site has a database to locate local estate planners, a frequently asked questions section, and a tax and probate calculator.
Also new from Casio is the FX-9750G PLUS calculator ($49.
For administrators considering GoalQuest software to help with enrollment and retention, a free online calculator can help estimate the impact of the programs.
The modernly styled HP 20b Business Consultant is a financial calculator targeted for business, finance and real estate professionals as well as students.
How does your calculator fair in the Dr Maths test?