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The three components of commitment that this study focuses on are: affective (attachment due to liking and identification), calculative or continuance (attachment due to instrumental reasons) and normative or moral (attachment due to felt obligations).
In this context, a better understanding of costs and their drivers triggered the need for a new calculative tool.
The development and deployment of new disciplinary and pastoral corrective techniques in prisons, schools, hospitals and factories occurred within a calculative logic of costs and benefits that was partly mediated by Protestantism, Utilitarianism and the rise of psychology and the social sciences (see also Halevy 1934; Thompson 1963; Weber 1904).
89) A weak sanction can be enough to shift decisions from a moral frame to a prudential self-interest frame, but because it is a weak sanction, it will be inadequate to deter the actor from an unethical act that promises significant personal gain, given the shift to a self-interested, calculative decision frame.
Their use of Calculative Commitment is congruent with Compliance introduced in O'reilly and Chatman's model, and can be even considered as a form of motivation instead of commitment.
The Sri Lankan was calculative in attack and cunning in defence as he lured his Indian opponent into committing a series of unforced errors.
When thrown into such societies without the legally sanctioned institution of marriage, as traditionally understood, and so into societies where revisionist and liberal concepts of sex are aspired toward, then what follows is the proliferation of "idol-gazings," to borrow Jean-Luc Marion's term, in which partners exploit each other's bodies to instantiate a version of their own imaginings for maximum pleasure, driven by a logic of calculative utilitarianism that wants merely to find the most effective means to achieve the consequence of maximized pleasure.
2006) report that US MNCs tend to use incentive-based compensation, along with other calculative LME-type practices, but they are more easily able to do so in LME-type countries than in CME-type countries.
Very calculative and doesn't take other people's feelings and situations into consideration when making decisions.
Also his sense of warmth, community and gratefulness towards Parvati and Amar for helping him out is a beautiful depiction of the human being's ability to freely give and take, without any sense of calculative or manipulative formality.
He was of the view that it is a serious threat to members of the legal fraternity as in the recent past successive incidents of kidnappings, physical torture and target killings of Advocates have been taken place which not only speaks a lot of miserable failure of the law enforcement agencies to provide safety and security to Advocates but also looks a calculative move by some hidden hands to target members of the legal fraternity not only to restrain them from doing their professional duties but also to stop them to play their active and due role for the rule for law and supremacy of the Constitution.
This shows when they are growing, their responsibility towards their family increases and also carefully take calculative risk on each step to optimise their return.
We want to be calculative about how we move that agenda forward instead of taking positions that will come back to haunt us," Kandjoze said.
The cultivation of this mindset has been through a combination of romanticizing the atom and, he borrows from Martin Heidegger, calculative thinking.
In fact the road of the negotiations will be rather bumpy as the parties will be calculative, trying to get maximum gains without running the risk of being labeled the bad guy by the international community.