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For my own doctoral dissertation, I spent months doing multiple correlations on a hand-cranked calculating machine that could not even derive square roots.
Charles Babbage built the first computer, a steam-driven calculating machine, in the 1800s.
Should Becher have been able to use a computer or a calculating machine, no one would doubt to qualify his invention like the first attempt to develop an automated translation system.
A mathematician, she wrote the instruction sets for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, a calculating machine.
Napier invented a primitive form of a calculating machine which is now called Napier's Bones.
The world famous calculator company has produced another totally mind blowing, world-altering calculating machine in the XFER.
At Bethlehem, Taylor recorded two great achievements: first, the development with a colleague of a new "high speed" tool steel, a material that allowed machine tools to cut metal at three to four times the previous speeds; and second, the systematization of years of metal-cutting experiments into a special slide rule for calculating machine speed and feed.
This involves the wide range of things people do that cannot be easily taken over by a calculating machine.
Emotionally, the cat is a calculating machine, motivated by the higher kind of intelligent self-interestunerringly aware of what it wants and how to get it.
She became a mathematician, writer and computer pioneer working with engineer Charles Babbage on his invention of the fully automated calculating machine, writing for it the first ever published computer programme.
day for Now we have a black president who acts like a dessicated (and very white) calculating machine, who campaigned in poetry but governs in such prolix prose that we run the risk of the rabid Republicans rendering him a one-hit wonder.
Hounded by the publicity over Ulrika Jonsson's autobiography, Eriksson was beginning to resemble a startled rabbit rather than the ice-cool calculating machine we had thought he was.
Later in the decade, IBM introduced the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator as the company's first large-scale digital calculating machine, the successful 604 Electronic Calculating Punch - 5,600 of which were built in a ten year period - and the card-programmed Electronic Calculator, the first IBM product designed for computation centres.
Now a leading boffin agrees we are all living in someone's massive calculating machine.
A historian is taking the first steps towards rebuilding a pioneering wooden calculating machine which was invented in the 19th century by a self-taught mathematician but rejected by the government of the day.