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Equation 2 can be used to calculate the apparent shear stress (ref.
For example, Pharmacia Animal Health's exclusive Total Opportunity Planner enables producers to pinpoint where variability is occurring and calculate its opportunity cost.
In the MP-PIC scheme, the particles are mapped to the grid and treated as a fluid to calculate particle spatial gradients.
ESPlanner uses advanced mathematical techniques to calculate the savings and life insurance needed to balance consuming in the present with consuming in the future and to preserve a household's living standard for survivors.
Table 6 calculates the blended rate for transition year 1, with a comparison to the facility's most recent cost-based Medicare per diem.
Traditionally, the obligation to calculate and remit sales tax is imposed on the supplier.
Quick Quote calculates molding prices, based on different combinations of part quantity, cycle time, and mark-up (up to eight combinations are available per quote).
Researchers use this much-debated number to calculate the age and size of the cosmos.
This operation calculates a modulus value for each point within the casting.
In addition to simple adding, Subtotal also counts, multiplies, calculates an average, selects the maximum or minimum of a set of numbers and calculates standard deviation or variance from the mean.
A new algorithm for the GDC system imports speed data from encoders on the winder and nip rolls and calculates shrink or stretch based on the difference between winder and nip speeds.
A new study that calculates the mathematical fit of competing explanations of human evolution with the geographic array of specific fossil features supports a single African or southwest Asian origin for modern humans.
The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) announced today the launch of its updated version of 3E Plus(R), an insulation thickness computer program that calculates the amount of insulation needed to use less energy, reduce air emissions and improve process efficiency.
A company calculates an earnings per incremental share for each block of shares.