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Synonyms for calculated

Synonyms for calculated

resulting from deliberation and careful thought

planned, weighed, or estimated in advance

Synonyms for calculated

carefully thought out in advance

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How calculatedly unassuming is suggested by the way she manages to avoid the BBC's John Humphries recognising her when he stalks her for a TV programme; her ordinariness is the ultimate disguise.
It is important for this football club that we get through into the group stages in the Europa League, whether I decide calculatedly that I will go with youngsters and a mixture or whether I go for more seniors.
This signifies an incredible contribution by a self-confessed quiet, shy nurse, who Learnt at an early age to carefully and calculatedly influence decision making.
So what is now Article 165 TFEU, set out above, was the product of hard bargaining culminating in agreement at the IGC in late 2004, and the deal on sport was then carefully preserved untouched as the Lisbon Treaty was shoved through the ratification process with calculatedly minimal input from the sceptical peoples of Europe.
He encourages and facilitates the viral invasion of the body of ceramics from other creative disciplines in such a way that he calculatedly changes the parameters and construction--critical, interventional and even violent.
By taking a calculatedly aggressive and media-savvy approach to the ombudsman's role, Marinhas demonstrated an eagerness to prosecute an activist line.
To avoid application of the exclusionary rule, the officer calculatedly decides to lie.
It was a world, Ellison reminds us, calculatedly "drained of humanity" and significantly, for us today, black authorial presence.
Rugby players trying it on in the heat and passion of play is one thing but coaches calculatedly cheating is something else.
That said, investment professionals and influential economic advisers have a responsibility not to rush to judgments that haven't been properly thought through or to calculatedly attempt to influence trends for their own benefit or that of their clients.
They used those 21 days before you officially took office to coldly and calculatedly break the truce that had successfully held for the previous six months.
It has been calculatedly designed to make us ever more reliant on that sinister body.
A calculatedly autobiographical tour de force, this encyclopedic novel runs rings around novelistic conventions and traditions, forcing us to find patterns in the chaos of the nomadic cosmos its characters cannot escape.
If Jehu calculatedly drew Joram to this particular spot, he meant thereby to invoke the memory of Naboth and present himself not as a rebel but as the destined avenger.
Le Guin quite calculatedly draws parallels between the exploration of space and the history of Western colonialism: despite the existence of 'Ecological Protocols' governing interaction with alien biospheres, largely designed to keep other worlds from being reduced to the 'desert of cement' bereft of animal life that the Earth itself has become, (47) the colonists on Athshe behave exactly like classic imperialists, renaming the planet 'New Tahiti', conscripting its humanoid population into forced labour camps, and systematically extracting its riches, especially lumber.