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Synonyms for calculated

Synonyms for calculated

resulting from deliberation and careful thought

planned, weighed, or estimated in advance

Synonyms for calculated

carefully thought out in advance

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Which is the only chemical element where its atomic number is equal to exactly twice its calculated sum?
The true shear rate can be calculated using the Rabinowitsch correction for non-Newtonian materials, as shown in equation 8.
The expanded uncertainty U is reported in units of the transducer response, providing the uncertainty in the response values calculated from the calibration equation yielded by the NIST calibration measurements.
Regional seroprevalence rates were calculated for 65 quadrangles representing 297 minor civil divisions.
The deterministic settlement price is based on a calculated life expectancy tar the insured of 71 months.
In Indianapolis, however, the cost of living is calculated lower than the national average, and this difference is reflected in our lower-than-average GPCIs for work (0.
Figure 4 shows time snapshots of the calculated core blowing.
Using a sample of Medicare days by RUGS categories, an average federal per-diem rate is calculated.
Then the purchaser's MIS department can write a routine to compare the tax charged on the invoice to the tax calculated by the tax calculation system.
4 percent annual return from 1984 to 1993 was calculated incorrectly and could in fact be much lower.
Relative resource weights are calculated by multiplying the inlier average length of stay by the SIW for each case within the group.
Adds Hutt: "We looked at each of those contracts as separate profit centers and calculated the break-even point for both.
The extended nozzle contains a channel or capillary, and shear stress is calculated from the pressure drop across the nozzle as measured by a pressure transducer at either end.
Under that provision, if an NOL from a different tax year is brought into the current one (for purposes of calculating the charitable contribution deduction in that year), the excess charitable contribution carryover that will be carried to the next year will be calculated without consideration of the NOL, resulting in a reduction of the carryforward; see Regs.