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capable of being calculated or estimated

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The RBAF therefore illustrates the tenuousness of officials' efforts to impose new forms of calculability, a dynamic that remains under explored in governmentality literature.
Chapters describing each of the basic tenets of rationalization/McDonaldization, efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control, use current examples from popular culture to explain sociological concepts.
The human subject is not the proverbial island "entire of itself" and cannot be "a calculating sociopath with a gambling addiction" (Wood 73): our understanding of truth must be humanity-driven and not driven by calculability, mathematical reasoning, and purely materialistic and appetitive understandings of who we are.
The clandestine aspect of the presence of illegal immigrants also undermines the calculability of future demand for social services.
However, if it codifies a value system that favors exactitude, calculability, and efficiency, then specialization will collaborate with the techno-bureaucratic suffocation of the human sciences and the indefinite (aesthetic) judgments they elicit.
Authors also talk about the "McDonaldization" (Ritzer, 2000) inherent in many features of high-stakes testing: the emphasis on efficiency, calculability, and quantification of outcomes; predictability and uniformity; and control through non-human technologies.
The conditions that "demand[ed] the employment of a system combining catholicity, itinerancy, directness, and permanence" were matters of demographic calculability.
She says that Christian hospitality is not concerned about efficiency and calculability and it also gives up predictability and control because it acknowledges that God comes among as in surprising and strange ways that we can never fully predict or domesticate (92).
But mainstream debate still centers on traditional national security issues and here, compared with the relative stability and calculability of relative capacities for "mutually assured destruction" in the Cold War, there is now a different calculus of risk.
But generalized calculability applied to all these objects destroys their uniqueness, and, by the same token, destroys desire.
Furthermore, Bender said that the agreement with Ticona/Celanese for closing its chemical plant northwest of FRA by 2011 substantially improves the calculability of the timeline for expansion planning.
Hiebert "examines evidence that efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control have become primary principles in diverse Christian organizations and argues that this 'McDonaldization' must be resisted because of its alienating and secularizing effects.
93) Precisely in this regard, science and being, thinking and calculability, cannot simply be opposed.