calcium phosphate

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a phosphate of calcium

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BIO MatrX Generate is a combination of ETEX's osteoconductive nanocrystalline calcium phosphate and Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) which is tested for osteoinductive potential by lot, after sterilization, in an in vivo athymic nude rodent muscle pouch model.
Orthopedic Biomaterials Market by Type (Metal, Polymer, Ceramic, Orthobiologics, Stainless Steel, PMMA, PEEK, Calcium Phosphate, Alumina, DBM, BMPs) By Application (Arthroplasty, Viscosupplementation, Spine Surgery, Fracture) -- Global Forecast to 2020"
Calcium phosphate is a mineral found in bones and teeth.
Amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) are used as remineralization agents both in-situ (3) and in tooth restorative materials (4).
Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences) provide an overview of recent developments made in the field of calcium phosphate ceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering that emphasizes their own obtained results.
Removal of some of these calcium phosphate cross-links prior to yogurt fermentation, e.
Calcium phosphate bioceramics have been considered as a potential material towards that goal particularly due to their unique physicochemical and biological properties.
SWIFT ASSEMBLY The primary ingredient of both enamel and dentin is the calcium phosphate mineral called hydroxyapatite.
Numerous calcium phosphates were tested, including a calcium phosphate hydrogel, tri-calcium phosphate (TCP, Ca3(PO4)2), and monocalcium phosphate anhydrous (MCPA, Ca(H2PO4)2).
According to Purac, the TNO study showed that Puracal calcium sources are significantly better absorbed when compared to calcium phosphate.
The section on biomineralization included a chapter by Elliott on calcium phosphate biominerals.
VITOSS is a resorbable calcium phosphate scaffold that is highly porous and composed of extremely fine calcium phosphate mineral that allows for resorption, cell seeding and ingrowth of host bone.
A plastic material containing amorphous calcium phosphate allows teeth to seal small holes and prevent secondary cavities.