calcium nitrate

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a deliquescent salt that is soluble in water

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fimicola and cellulose was found to be an effective source of carbon to enhance the mycelium growth and rate of sporulation while calcium nitrate was found to be an active source of nitrogen.
The actual is development of energy saving technologies of calcium nitrate production containing additional nutrients, primarily through improvement of prior preparation processes of calcium material acid treatment.
Often, the foliage on these vines fails to darken following calcium nitrate fertigation applications through drip irrigation.
Effect of sulphur and calcium nitrate on methane production by goats fed a basal diet of molasses supplemented with Mimosa (Mimosa pigra) foliage.
In case of sample Y, calcium nitrate and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate were used as calcium and phosphate precursors respectively.
Boman [7] early proved that total acidity amount was higher in control than the calcium nitrate treatment for Valencia orange, which corresponded with the results of this study.
In this research, aqueous solution of calcium nitrate and aluminum nitrate salts were added with colloid silicon at defined molar ratio to obtain alpha SiAlON with chemical composition of Ca1Si9Al3O1N15.
A by-product of the laboratory process, almost by accident, is liquid calcium nitrate," says Brock.
To accelerate their decomposition, season their piles with calcium nitrate granular fertilizer or dried blood.
The company has also recently invested in a new plant that produces calcium nitrate solution for odour control applications.
This reacts with calcium carbonate in the paint matrix to produce minute quantities of calcium nitrate, water, and carbon dioxide ([CO.
The roofing material is coated with titanium dioxide, which converts nitrogen oxide into calcium nitrate when it comes into contact with natural light.