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Calchan Holdings Limited ("the Company"), a UK company focused on the development of novel medicines based on calcium ion channel modulators, and Galapagos NV (Euronext: GLPG), a clinical stage biotech company focused on developing novel mode of action medicines, today announce that they have entered into a research collaboration in the area of osteoarthritis pain.
The strontium and the calcium ions, members of the alkaline earth series (Group IIB of the Periodic Table), have many properties in common, both having a valency of 2+, similar ionic radii, and the ability to form complexes and chelates of various solubilities and various binding strengths.
We described elsewhere several other experiments devoted to the explanation of the different behavior of the magnesium ion with respect to the calcium ion [8].
The low pH strongly activates the TRPV3 ion channel, opening it and allowing calcium ions to flow into the cell.
Puberty brings nighttime testosterone surges, followed by daytime drops, which boost calcium ion release from bone.
To execute the simple procedure, the researchers used laser pulses, which can control the quantum state of a lone calcium ion.
Verapamil is the generic equivalent of Knoll Pharmaceutical Company's Ispotin(R) SR tablets, a calcium ion influx inhibitor used for the management of essential hypertension.
Multiple theories of aging exist, but brain aging is always associated with dysregulation of the calcium ion (Ca2+).
Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker ("CCB") having a hypotensive action by blocking inward calcium ion channels mainly in vascular smooth-muscle cells, resulting in peripheral arteriolar vasodilation.
Two of the four lad encode for transmembranal calcium ion transport, a physiologic finding that could become a treatment target, Dr.
The study of calcium ion and pH oscillation in both pollen tubes and root hairs has led to a greater understanding of what regulates root tip growth.
Two of the four loci encode for transmembranal calcium ion transport, a physiologic finding that could become a treatment target, Dr.
The hormone used is parathormone (parathyroid hormone), and the substance regulated is calcium ion concentration in the blood.
Calcium ion mediates complex intracellular signaling cascades as an intracellular secondary messenger at the cellular level (Clapham, 2007), and it is also essential for various physiological processes including bone formation, muscle contraction, milk formation, and neuron excitability (Brommage, 1989).
Several researches have reported a fall in plasma calcium ion levels following alcohol consumption (Taichanpeng, et al.