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Two chemicals including Vydate and Basamid (G) while one fertilizer Calcium cyanamide were used at the rate of 4.
Whereas better reduction in nematode population occurred when plants were treated with fungi which was comparable to Calcium cyanamide.
Here, combined with the previous study, quicklime, calcium cyanamide and a number of microbial agents and other soil conditioners were applied to acidified and pest- ridden soil that was continuously (6 years) cropped with tobacco to investigate their potential to eliminate the problems associated with consecutive tobacco monoculture and to provide theoretical and technical support for these problems.
Three soil conditioners 900 kg/hm2 of quicklime (96% CaO, supplied by Makepolo, China), 375 kg/hm2 of calcium cyanamide (containing 19.
Effects of calcium cyanamide on soil microbial communities and Fusarium oxysporum f.
Effect of calcium cyanamide on pathogenic Escherichia coli during mesophilic composting and impact on composting process, Global Nest Journal 14(4): 460-467.
This study aimed to investigate the effect of the garlic extract, compared to the calcium cyanamide and hydrogen cyanamide on budbreak of 'Niagara Rosada' grapevines.
For agricultural purposes, calcium cyanamide (Perlka) is marketed as a fertilizer and has several other advantages.
Because calcium cyanamide is not widely used as a herbicide, Weeks sees this risk as nil.
The fertilizer calcium cyanamide is also used to kill nematodes (Cornforth, 1971; D'Addabbo and Sasanelli, 1998) and plays a role in enhancing plant growth.
Environmental problems from tea cultivation in Japan and a control measure using calcium cyanamide, Pedosphere 16(6): 770-777.