calcium chloride

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a deliquescent salt

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The report indicates a wealth of information on calcium chloride manufacturers and distributors
15 million tonnes annually by 2023, while demand for calcium chloride in the Mena will reach some 722,000 tonnes annually by 2023.
These results may be useful when selecting salt blends containing potassium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium chloride to reduce the sodium content in sausages containing high concentrations of MPDM, at an ionic equivalent strength to the sodium chloride commonly used in traditional formulations.
Ali Hamel, chairman, Al Ghaith Industries, said: "We are proud to announce the UAE's first calcium chloride plant.
It will process part of the hydrochloric acid from the existing sulphate plant into calcium chloride.
The inability to pass along higher raw material costs contributed to unacceptable margins in TETRA's calcium chloride business.
When the sodium alginate contacted the calcium chloride, the calcium displaced the sodium and formed a network of bonds between chains of the polysaccharide, explains McQuade.
5% calcium chloride in irrigation water (Barden and others 1990; Beelman 1987; Beelman and Simons 1996; Kukura and others 1998; Miklus and Beelman 1996), irrigation with 50 ppm stabilized chlorine dioxide in combination with 0.
The company is one of the largest providers of soda ash and calcium chloride in North America.
In this test, a plate of calcium chloride is weighed, then placed on the concrete and covered by a dome or other apparatus to trap the moisture vapor.
A 14-gauge Angiocath plastic catheter was attached, and 1 ml of bovine thrombin resuspended in 10% calcium chloride (1,000 U/ml of thrombin plus 100 mg/ml of calcium chloride) was drawn into the syringe with the platelet concentrate.
Resistance to alcohol, acid, calcium chloride, hot water, and other fluids surpasses that for almost all existing nylons, although it falls short of that of PPS.
The results in this paper are for model ink solutions with sodium oleate at 100 mg/L, calcium chloride at 100 mg/L, and pH at 7.
In 1909, when the agency was only 8 years old, the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers (now the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) asked the then-National Bureau of Standards (NBS) to determine the properties of calcium chloride brines.
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