calcium carbide

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a grey salt of calcium (CaC) used in making acetylene

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MNA Tahira Aurangzeb raised the issue during the last session of the National Assembly and asked if there was any proposal under the consideration of the government to impose a ban on the ripening of fruits by using calcium carbide in Islamabad.
Effect of polyethylene coated calcium carbide on physiology, photosynthesis, growth and yield of sweet pepper.
Table 1 Effect of different rates of paint coated calcium carbide and their interaction with cultivars on vine length, days to 1st female flower initiation, female flower count, fruit setting (%)and days to fruit setting and fruit maturity of cucumber (Each value is mean of 4 replications S.
Stuart Prescott, a senior lecturer in chemical engineering at the University of New South Wales in Australia, said water was recommended to extinguish the two nitrates but a chemical powder was needed for calcium carbide.
Though the use of calcium carbide in fruits is banned, the practice continues unhindered in the wholesale market.
The Group believes that the operation of power generation plants with a plentiful stable supply of low cost coal will be highly profitable, while the calcium carbide business in Heihe will also benefit from stable electricity tariffs.
Calcium carbide is one of such compounds which can be a source of ethylene when introduced into the soil under the influence of soil moisture.
2006) to investigate the effect of calcium carbide on the growth and yield of rice, wheat and cotton, observed that encapsulated calcium carbide released large amount of acetylene that was slowly reduce to ethylene.
The current tragedy has implications for industry-wide problems in both welding and other fields with regards to the shortage of calcium carbide and the extra expenses which will passed on to everyone.
These firms are mainly in the aluminium, cement, steel, zinc, ferroalloy, calcium carbide and sodium hydroxide sectors.
Other fluxes also may be used instead of limestone, such as fluorspar (calcium fluoride), soda ash (sodium carbonate), borax (sodium borate) and calcium carbide, but these additions are the rare exception today.
Nine European companies have been fined a total of 61,120,000 for taking part for three years in a cartel that harmonised prices and divided up the market for calcium carbide and magnesium reagents.
The scientists then spray calcium over the carbon, creating calcium carbide.
The chemicals included calcium carbide, arsenic and phosphorus.
The technology involves making timed additions of calcium carbide, together with optimally proportioned slag making and slag foaming additives, into the EAF during the steel melting and refining operation.