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The animal was rehydrated before and after surgery with more of electrolyte solutions like Ringers lactate and Calcium borogluconate as cases usually suffers from hypochloremic, hypokalemic and hypocalcaemic metabolic alkalosis as stated by Peshin et al.
The supportive therapy was provided as calcium borogluconate (Mil-Fone C Star Pakistan; each 100 ml contain 26.
The heifer was treated with 5% Dextrose Normal Saline (5000 ml), Normal saline solution (5000 ml) and Calcium borogluconate 450 ml l/V.
Incomplete cervical dilatation was relieved by following therapy to cause cervical dilatation using Valethamate bromide (Epidosin (a) 40mg I/M), DNS (2 liters I/V) and Calcium borogluconate (450ml I/V) with a survival rate of 80 percent and caesarean section in non-responsive cases.
The animal was treated with Antihistaminics (Anistamin (a) 4 ml i/m), Valethamate bromide (Epidosin (b), 5 ml i/m), 5% Dextrose saline (450 ml i/v) and Oxytocin (Syntocinon (c) 2 ml i/v) along with Dextrose and 250 ml Calcium borogluconate i/v and the owner was asked to observe for any change.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Medicine Supply of Medicine 2 Stomachic/probiotic bolus 4 s 3 Deltamethrin/Amitraz 1L 4 BHC Maggoticidal Oint 5 Indegenous topical Oint 6 Antibiotic eye/ear drops(10,15ml) 7 Inj Calcium borogluconate 8 Multivitamin mineral liquid(5L)/Tab 9 Vitaminised mineral mixture (250,500g) 10 Tetracycline bolus/powder 11 Enrofloxacin Inj100ml/Tab/oral susp 1L 12 Ciprofloxazin Tinidazole Tab/powder
intramuscularly and 20% of Calcium borogluconate (300 ml) as a slow intravenous infusion.