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thyroid hormone that tends to lower the level of calcium in the blood plasma and inhibit resorption of bone

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Oral calcitonin (oCT) holds the promise of offering the benefits of calcitonin--widely used for osteoporosis, among other problems--without the immunogenicity of currently available nasal and injectable formulations.
It is important to note, however, that these interpretive guidelines have been developed using the Cisbio international reagent set for calcitonin measurement.
Calcitonin is a peptide hormone that regulates calcium homeostasis in vertebrates.
Trabecular bone microarchitecture was significantly preserved--if not reinforced--in calcitonin patients, compared with placebo patients, despite loss in bone mineral density (BMD) at the distal radius or lumbar spine during the same period, Dr.
the untreated patients within the subgroup of high-risk patients whose calcitonin doubling times were less than 2 years (110 months for treated patients vs.
Calcitonin preserved the volume, number, spacing, and thickness of trabecular bone, Dr.
Previous reports also have shown that calcitonin is higher in young children (1-9), but most of these studies are now outdated and are based on immunoradiometric or even radioimmunologic (RIA) methods, which sometimes involve an extraction step.
Calcitonin, a polypeptide, is thought to augment bone formation by increasing osteoblast activity, he said.
Procalcitonin (PCT) and other calcitonin precursors are detectable in various conditions leading to systemic inflammatory response syndrome.
In contrast, serum and biopsy sample calcitonin measures are more reliable indicators than biopsy results alone, said Dr.
Calcitonin probably is effective at preventing fractures, but "we just don't have sufficient data yet comparing it with other therapies," Dr.
Of those, only 11 were treated with a bisphosphonate or calcitonin afterward.
Excluding the patients who were already taking either estrogen, a bisphosphonate, or calcitonin prior to the wrist fracture and for whom the prescription wasn't changed afterward, the proportion treated for osteoporosis was only 16%, Dr.
Synthetic salmon calcitonin (SCT), a peptide hormone of 32 amino acids, is used in the treatment of diseases with increased bone resorption [1-3] and hypercalcemia of different origins [4,5].