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a common mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate

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The main part of the shell is composed of calcitic foliated layers, except for a small aragonitic prismatic pallial myostracum (Boggild 1930, Kennedy et al.
In the western part of the island, in the Himmiste-880 core drilled on the brink of the quarry, argillaceous, calcitic dolostone of Kaarma type occurs in the interval of 0.
If this is the case, the vast majority of the calcite observed in the tested sample is most likely derived from the drilling process, and the radiocarbon date is probably accurate without adjustment for calcitic content.
Owliaie HR (2012) Micromorphology of calcitic features in calcareous soils of Kohgilouye Province, Southwestern Iran.
In situ mapping of growth lines in the calcitic prismatic layers of mollusc shells using X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) spectroscopy at the sulphur K-edge.
Reaction rates are dependent on aglime quality and particle size, with calcitic materials more reactive than dolomitic ones, and finely ground material more soluble than coarse material (Thomas and Hargrove 1984).
Suspended and settled precipitates observed in the Blanco River are probably entirely calcitic, as magnesium fails to precipitate even under extremely high saturation conditions (Land 1998).
He compared the performance of slag to comparable rates of calcitic and dolomitic limestone and concluded that granulated slag was as effective at the two rates used (3.
1999) generated a large database of several thousand well-preserved calcitic shells that cover this entire 545 million years time span.
The Dover chalks are an unfortunate choice for comparison because they're composed primarily of the calcitic remains of microscopic marine phytoplankton.
had shown increasing sheet gloss and decreasing print gloss trends as the average particle size decreased when using calcitic precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) pigments with a prismatic morphology.
Calcitic limestone [Mississippi Lime] was applied at a rate of 45.
Red Hill, PA), a blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, and dolomitic and calcitic limestone, with a pH range of 5.
The Jasper County specimen is a calcitic dolomite, with incisor marks most closely matching size ranges for Sciurus (?