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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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Saggar Ash-Ulexite and Calcined Saggar Ash-Ulexite Glaze Composition Examples (1200[degrees]C).
Raw and calcined eggshells were analyzed by XRF model PANalyticalminiPAL 4 in order to get the percentage of CaO in the sample.
It has a long term contract with Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) for assured raw material to the plant for procuring about 475,000 to 485,000 MT of Green Petroleum Coke annually to produce 350,000 MT of Calcined Petroleum Coke.
The components and the thermal process lead to a calcined product that offers special performance benefits as a functional filler.
A predetermined amount of oil shale retorting residue was ground and calcined at 600-900 [degrees]C in a muffle furnace for a predetermined period of time.
DARAA, SANA_ Seven meters length by two meters width calcined wall unearthed during the recent excavations at the site of the South Romanian baths in the ancient city of Bosra.
Annual production of calcined petroleum coke is 550,000 metric tonnes.
The core smelter operation comprises 756 electrolytic reduction cells in two potlines, the construction of which demanded a large volume of materials for cell lining [cathode bars] and anode purposes, specifically calcined petroleum coke and liquid pitch.
These results confirm that the intercepts of Marra Mamba Iron Formation to date have been iron-rich with calcined in-situ grades ranging from 55% Fe to 65% Fe, and showing low concentrations of phosphorous, typically 0.
During the calcined process, multiples micro crack are generated, and the form became permeable.
Qatar National Cement Co is a major producer of Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement, Hydrated Lime and Calcined lime in State of Qatar.
osai produces calcined bauxite, an aluminum component used in industrial manufacturing.
The brochure includes discussion on the importance of brightness, finishing forms and engineering (beneficiation) when selecting a waterwashed, delaminated, treated or calcined clay.