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the conversion of metals into their oxides as a result of heating to a high temperature

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The behavior of reduction in size and enhanced porosity with calcination of MnCO3 has been reported elsewhere [30, 31].
The efficient mixing of a pozzolanic material in OPC is a consequence of the calcination of an industrial waste [13].
Fuel used for the calcination was generally coal and cow-dung cakes.
The CICPs, manufactured in a high-temperature calcination process (above 800[degrees]C/1500[degrees]F),meet these rising quality standards while taking ecological issues into account.
Many factors can affect the production of powder by solution combustion such as the type of fuel, calcination temperature and calcination time.
The increasing in average crystalline size and lattice constant may be because of using high calcination temperature reached to 700[degrees]C.
The well control of the calcination temperature contributes to getting well-defined yolk-shell magnetic hybrid microspheres.
Targeting lower net carbon dioxide emissions in portland cement milling, University of California, Los Angeles researchers propose introduction of calcium hydroxide at the calcination phase, when high temperatures split limestone raw feed into C[O.
2013) reported the influence of mineralogy, particle size distribution, moisture of the raw material, temperature and time of calcination, technique of calcination and the origin of the raw material (natural kaolinitic clay or industrial kaolinitic by-product) in order to obtain metakaolinized materials.
For the purpose of this article, all methods that require temperatures above 100[degrees]C for the formation of the particles are considered high-temperature methods, thus excluding reactions with a calcination step of already formed particles.
It is also investing Dh110 million in a lime calcination plant with a production capacity of 450,000 tonnes per year.
Les antagonistes ont utilise des pierres et des feux d'artifice, occasionnant le bris de verre a treize vehicules stationnes et la calcination totale de trois autres.
It reduces energy consumption using a cycling of calcination and carbonation method used to capture C[O.
Babak Mazinani, one of the researchers, mentioned the investigated parameters, and said, "In this research, we tried to study the maximum value of efficiency for the final photocatalyst to eliminate water pollutions through physical and chemical methods by simultaneously controlling and changing initial materials, temperature, synthesis time, calcination method and some other parameters.