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growing or living in soil rich in lime


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The end of Stage III is marked by the abrupt disappearance of calcicolous mosses.
Finally, cluster D incorporated nine samples with low levels of clustering consistent with a grouping of calcicolous beech forests (samples 8, 9, 13, 16, 17 and 18) and subalpine calcareous grasslands (samples 10, 11 and 12).
A taxonomic study of the calcicolous endolithic species of the genus Verrucaria (Ascomycotina, Verrucariales) with the lid-like and radiately opening involucrellum.
Calcicolous plants have evolved specific mechanisms to overcome these low levels of solubility.
submitted), the Astragalo-Potentilletalia (Festuco-Brometea) comprises only open calcicolous grasslands of the Saturejo-Thymion.
Caloplaca badioreagens, a new calcicolous, endolithic lichen from Italy.
The spectacular karstic landscapes of Borneo and the Malayan Peninsula have their specific forest type, limestone forest, with calcicolous species.
It occurs more often amongst mixed calcicolous materials above siliceous bedrock where Q.
The vegetation clearly reflects this phenomenon; thus, in the Chablais, the region of the Savoy Alps that dominates the southern shores of Lake Leman, the soils located in high areas, on calcilutites, are covered in an acidic turf, while in the lower areas the soils are calcic and have calcicolous vegetation.
a Spanish-Moroccan diploid taxon from calcicolous and ultramafic areas) and illegitimate the Lagasca's name.