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any garden plant of the genus Calceolaria having flowers with large inflated slipper-shaped lower lip

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Calceolaria mexicana is another prolific self-seeder, so let it run amok in your gravel garden or between crazy paving.
and Calceolaria in tropical and southern elements, respectively (values marked with dots in Fig.
Calceolaria alba is different again ( it reaches 60cm (2ft) in height and is covered in small white flowers from summer to autumn.
Seed sowing in the greenhouses begins in January, starting annuals such as calceolaria, geraniums, impatiens, lobelia, nemesia, petunias, and verbena.
SOW a small batch of Calceolaria any time now for pots of colour on the window sill in early summer.
Cross') sprawls among sweet alyssum, ageratum, yellow calceolaria, flowering cabbage, and statice in Town Square.
One such is exemplified by groups like Buddleja (Buddlejaceae; Norman, 2000), Calceolaria (Scrophulariaceae; Molau, 1988), and Fuchsia (Onagraceae; Berry, 1982), in which closely related species are often separated to the north or south of dispersal barriers formed by deep Andean valleys.
Oddly shaped, brightly colored, calceolaria flowers always invite a closer look.
2001), Fuchsia (Onagraceae; Berry, 1982), Calceolaria L.
In shade or half-shade, try bedding begonias, calceolaria, impatiens, Johnny-jump-up, and trailing or mounding campanulas (C.
Calceolaria, Calceolarieae), or the corolla tube may be widely flaring.
Photo: Sunny yellow blossoms cover "Golden Nugget' calceolaria spring through fall.
While all this Bromeliad action was unfolding we were also seeing many Heliconia species, Fuchsias, Orchids, Aroids, Bomareas and notably different coloured Calceolarias.
1 "MY GARDEN IS GLOOMY AND DARK" [much greater than] Brighten it with a mix of vibrant perennials and trees PLANT SUNNY HUES Two tall and feathery locust trees (Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'), with yellow-green foliage, and mounds of yellow-flowered calceolarias enliven the mostly green palette.
Others to sow now are dahlias, busy lizzies, antirrhinums, salvias, rudbeckias, verbena, calceolarias and geraniums.