calcarine fissure

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a sulcus in the mesial surface of the occipital lobe of the cerebrum

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sup][8],[11],[12] This study aimed to describe and measure the normal ultrasonographic features of cortical sulcus development (especially the insula, SF, POF, and calcarine fissure [CF]) in human fetus between 18 and 41 weeks of gestation in a large Chinese population.
Transient activity in human calcarine cortex during visual imagery.
Lamy C et al in 2004 described highly characteristic neuro-imaging features include abnormal increased T2W/FLAIR signal, thought to be vasogenic oedema, primarily within the white matter of the posterior circulation territories with typical sparing of the calcarine and paramedian regions of the occipital lobes.
Non-contrast computed tomography scan (CT) of the head demonstrated a hypodensity in the calcarine region of the left occipital cortex; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study of the brain demonstrated a hyperintensity on diffusion-weighted imaging suggestive of an acute ischemic event.
Researchers proved for the first time that part of the calcarine cortex, which is normally used for seeing, can translate sounds as if they are images.
However, significant visual recovery has been documented in children with visual loss caused by calcarine cortex injury (Casteels et al.
the calcarine, postcentral, precentral, and temporal transverse cortices and deep structures of the cerebellar hemispheres of the brain), along with lesions of peripheral sensory nerve fibers (Takeuchi and Eto 1999).
If we imagine a semitruck in our mind's eye and then a postage stamp, we would see activation in the calcarine fissure, a deep fold in the visual system at the back of the brain.