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a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals

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Nebraska is at the eastern edge of the range of this western interior species that usually occurs on exposed calcareous rocks.
Free lime (CaO) makes up approximately 40-45% of the white slag material and reuse of this would reduce pressures on natural limestone resources (as well as reduce the considerable energy inputs and emissions involved in converting calcareous rocks into limestone).
The stone masonry associated with the castle was built using calcareous rocks and terracotta bricks cemented with lime mortar.
However, up to now only the more calcareous rocks of the Juuru, Raikkula, and the lower part of the Adavere regional stages, corresponding to the lower and middle Llandovery, have been sufficiently well studied.
In the calcareous terrain of southern Europe, ground-water carbonates are likely derived from the old calcareous rocks and modern biogenic and atmospheric carbon dioxide.
The Camp Zone Target is a disseminated gold target which occurs in a structural/stratigraphic domain (the Southern Domain) characterized by strataform alteration and mineralization hosted by a previously unmapped sequence of calcareous rocks.
The project hosts several mineralization styles including an igneous rock hosted breccia pipe, several replacement zones of mineralization in calcareous rocks, and mineralization hosted in volcanoclastic rocks.
Gold mineralization occurs in a number of different geological settings including: discrete quartz veins and stockworks within shear zones, replacement zones and skarn within calcareous rocks, and as disseminations within intrusive rocks.