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Synonyms for calcareous

composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk


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The moist tamping technique was carried out with 4% to 25% moisture content for Cabo Rojo calcareous sand and 2% to 8% for Ottawa silica sand.
2, the Cycle II mainly occurred in the greyly black, dark grey marls, limestones, mudstones, or calcareous mudstones with abundant ammonites.
In the SS of non-calcareous soils, the SOC stocks were relatively higher than in calcareous soils.
Figure 2 shows an enlarged view of the calcareous deposit above the plywood board that was placed under the pipe to prevent the inspector's boots from miring in the mud.
2 oz Au/ton from strongly altered, structurally controlled zones within the calcareous rocks.
4]), 3 lakh litres per ha for calcareous sodic soil.
Recent field studies have shown an increased grain yield and/or concentration in grain in response to fluid Zn and Mn fertilisers compared to granular forms in calcareous sandy loam soils (Holloway et al.
Contributors in environmental, biological, and physical sciences report their own research or review the technical literature on such topics as a model simulation of carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a biowaste compost fertilization experiment, a comparison between short-term effects of sewage sludge compost and phosphate salt fertilization on microbial activities involved in phosphorous turn-over in two calcareous and siliceous Mediterranean vineyard soils, contributions of leaf-cutting ants to soil fertility, enhancing nutrient retention in soils by managing microbial biomass, research and prospects of charcoal amendments to maintain soil fertility and establish a carbon sink, and a review and analysis of the fertility status and dynamics of soils in the Nepal Himalaya.
The company catalogue features a wide range of calcareous, marble and travertine stones.
The Challenger Deep is an extreme environment for agglutinated foraminifera, which construct their tests from a wide range of particles cemented together by calcareous or organic matter," said Gooday.
This is overlain by a fine-grained unit with calcareous lenses several meters in diameter containing the large oyster Crassostrea gigantissima (Finch).
Cysts were observed to become rounded and turn yellow after first losing the outer, calcareous wall as a first step in digestion.
The wetland habitats include the creek bank and creek on the entire east side, a freshwater meadow along the northern border, a large seep leading into a fairly large, but low quality fen running from the southwest corner through the southern section of the site, two quality calcareous fens with marl runs, and based on vegetation, two distinct sedge meadows, one to the east of the centrally-located mesic woods and the other to the west of the mesic woods.
Rhinoliths are benign calcareous concretions that develop as a result of the deposition of salts on an intranasal foreign body.
0 mm) to massive, calcareous, gray lacustrine silt disconformably overlain by 1.