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composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk


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In general, the main objectives of this study are: 1-Determining relative age of these deposits using foraminifera and calcareous alga (carbonate part) as well as their stratigraphic position (evaporite and silici-clastic parts) 2-Identifying and analyzing facies and also checking vertical and horizontal changes of facies 3-Interpreting depositional paleo environment and offering depositional model 4-Identifying depositional sequences and sequence boundaries by using fossils and other data and comparing sea level fluctuation at the time of deposition with global eustatic curve of Haq et al.
It seems more than probably' he continued, 'that the supremacy of Mount Everest itself, since we now know it to be in greater part of soluble calcareous rocks, must be largely due to vertical uplift in the past that may be continuing at the present time.
Long-term application of P fertiliser causes accumulation of P in most calcareous soils (Withers et al.
In Central Estonia the Oandu Stage is considered to correspond to the middle part of silty marlstone and siltstone of the Variku Formation, in southern Estonia to calcareous marlstone of the middle Mossen Formation (Meidla et al.
Yarranton and Green (1966) published a study that contained a small list of lichens on the calcareous cliffs at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area.
4); soil chemical properties classes (Acid soils: slightly acid, neutral soils: non-calcareous to slight calcareous, mildly alkaline soils: non-calcareous to strongly calcareous, moderately alkaline soils: non-calcareous to strongly calcareous); mean maximum annual temperature (34 [degrees]C); soil physical properties classes (River plain and terraces: non-calcareous and calcareous loamy soils); aridity classes (Arid (Kharif, Rabi) and Arid (Kharif), Hyper-arid (Rabi); agro-ecological zones (irrigated plains-D.
The calcareous alga Lithothamnium calcareum is rich in calcium carbonate and magnesium, and it has some trace elements present in varying amounts, such as Fe, Mn, B, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Se and Sr.
Exploration efforts will be focused upon four principal minerals: kaolinite sand, calcareous shale, lead, and zinc.
Among their topics are the present status and prospects of salt stress and leguminous crops, an overview of the effect of pesticides on leguminous plants, microbial strategies for improving legume production in hostile environments, genetic and molecular responses of legumes in a changing environment, microRNA-mediated regulatory functions under abiotic stresses in legumes, and combating phosphorus deficiency on alkaline calcareous soils by the adsorption isotherm technique for legume crops in arid environments.
Keywords: Boron; Calcareous soils; Canola; Salt-affected soils; Sodium
The soils of Pakistan are calcareous alkaline and poor in organic matter where the availability of nutrients is limited resulting in low crop yield per hectare.
lower sandstone, middle calcareous sandstone with sandy limestone and upper sandstone with shale unit.
Among the topics are examples from the Appalachian Foreland Basin in the eastern US of large-scale tectonic controls on the origin of Paleozoic dark-shale source-rock basins, linked extensional-compressional tectonics in gravitational systems in the equatorial margin of Brazil, structural correlation between the Northern Calcareous Alps in Austria and the Transdanubian Central Range in Hungary, interaction of Oligocene-Miocene deep-water depositional systems with actively evolving structures in the Lower Congo Basin off the shore of Angola, and the evolution of the South China Sea Basin during the Mesozoic-Cenozoic and its significance for oil and gas exploration.
Imports of Limestone Flux, Limestone and other Calcareous Stones has grew month on month basis by 15.