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the largest tarsal bone

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3 types of patterns of talar facets in calcanei were considered
In the present study, type A was found in 90 calcanei (45%) out of which A1 was in 10 calcanei (5%) (5 right and 5 left), A2 was in 30 calcanei (15%) (14 right and 16 left), A3 was seen in 40 calcanei (20%) (22 right and 18 left); A4 were seen in 10 calcanei (5%) (5 right and 5 left).
Type B was found in 108 calcanei (54%), out of which B1 was found in 44 calcanei (22%) (21 right and 23 left); B2 was found in 64 calcanei (32%) (32 right and 32 left).
Type C found in 2 calcanei (1%) (1 right and 1 left).
7,15] In this study, I found that type B (54%) is the most common pattern of talar facets of calcanei.
19,20] This technique is suitable for Europeans who predominantly have calcanei with type A pattern (with separate anterior and middle facets).