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Synonyms for calamus

any tropical Asian palm of the genus Calamus

the aromatic root of the sweet flag used medicinally

perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots

the hollow spine of a feather

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Me parecia que era obligarte, pero al recordar lo que el departamento de adquisiciones de la Oid Library habia oido la semana pasada acerca de ese Primus calamus lo interprete como una oportuna coincidencia y me decidi a traertelo.
At Calamus and other reservoirs across the Great Plains--from Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska into Iowa, Kansas, and beyond--the water nearly boils with massive populations of gizzard shad.
calamus is a native of central Asia and eastern Europe, and is indigenous to the marshes of the mountains of India (Gupta 1964).
The Adventures of Bic Calamus is a wry black-and-white graphic novel about a would-be writer struggling with creative, financial, and mental health problems.
Mental disorder and 'possession of a human being with evil spirits like genies' were treated by the TMP with a mixture of Ocimum americanum, Acorus calamus and Brassica juncea (Serial Number 1).
There, she is nursed by a devoted group of older black women whose remedy for "womb sickness" includes calamus root, quilting, singing, biscuits slathered with blackberry jam and daily doses of sunshine.
com)-- Pete Willet, of Calamus, Iowa, has recently been recognized as a Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who Registry for his outstanding contributions and achievements in field of firearms.
Calamus is another of the aromatics which works well on many digestive complaints.
neem leaves extract, Acorus calamus oil, citrus oil and Nelumbo nucifera each at 0.
Suitable plants for ponds include iris, nymphaea, Acorus calamus and Butomus umbellatus.
for stuffing car seats, from the fruit of Cocos nucifera (Balick & Beck 1991); raw material for manufacturing furniture from the stem of the Calamus species (Kalima & Jasni 2004).
till noon with a luncheon immediately following at the Calco in Calamus.
He can now chant from memory the 24 poems that make up "Inscriptions," the first book of Leaves of Grass, and several more chosen from the next book, Song of Myself, and from the intensely homoerotic Calamus poems.
7 million 19) Packets of biscuits 20) Silver 21) Uranus 22) Railway 23) Crab 24) Dover 25) The letter 'e' ACROSS: 1 Calamus.
Because most of the components of the anointing oil are unknown to us today ("sweet calamus," for instance), I focused on cinnamon.