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Synonyms for calamus

any tropical Asian palm of the genus Calamus

the aromatic root of the sweet flag used medicinally

perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots

the hollow spine of a feather

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It was a lapsus calami of perennially friendly Cuba.
119, [section]30: The designation of the grammatical subject of a passive as "the agent or doer of an action" is presumably a lapsus calami for something like "the patient/recipient/goal of an action.
Cardamone-Jackson, and Ignace Bossuyt have attempted to understand Lasso's highly chromatic Alma nemes in relation to its original audiences, to the composer's own motet cycle Pro phete Sybillarum, and to Cipriano de Rore's chromatic motet Calami sonum ferentes.
Assai stimolante il contributo di BRUCE GIBSON su papyrum Aegyptiam argutia Nilotici calami inscriptam, un'espressione della quale si erano sinora sottolineate soprattutto le possibili connessioni con il finale isiaco del libro 11; il rapporto con l'inizio del primo Idillio teocriteo, che inizia anch'esso con un "dolce sussurro", ne svela invece le potenzialita letterarie, quale dichiarazione di stile alessandrino: l'Egitto e il Nilo, oltre che ad Iside, possono ben alludere a Teocrito, poeta di Alessandria.
a certain Ser Elia (735); and, invited to serve as chapel master, though he declined, the Flemish musician Gienero di Mauritio Luti, which may have been a lapsus calami, in the source, for Lupi (again Wolf; 737).