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any plant of the genus Caladium cultivated for their ornamental foliage variously patterned in white or pink or red

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When we shared with Kim what we had prescribed, she responded enthusiastically: "I have Caladium around the outside of my house every year.
Like Caladium, Daphne is one of the most frequently used remedies for tobacco craving.
In the caladium trial, they found no significant differences among methyl bromide, Paladin, and Midas in terms of total weeds, "rogue" or off-variety plants produced, or in total hours of labor for weeding, but yields were dependent on the combination of fumigant and cultivar.
The church grounds, besides lalang, sprout broad patches of pretty Caladium (2) and Alocasia with heart- or arrow-shaped leaves, with their elegant cut-outs or cheery pink spots.
Fill containers with bromeliads, Caladium bicolor, cannas, elephant's ear (Alocasia), or small palms.
Those like Bromeliad or Lady Slipper Orchid should be watered once weekly and a Caladium every three days during the summer.
One of the most colourful such subjects is the caladium (angels wings) with its large heart-shaped leaves in shades of white, pink or cream that will be delightful nestling among the other plants in your border.
Caladium (juice can cause swelling of mucous membranes)
The menu is completed with Columbus for high-end carpet and Caladium for Beaulieu's polyester line.
Caladium or Angel's Wings is one of the most delicate houseplants around.
Whether it's the Caladium Festival in Lake Placid or the Fais-Dais-Dos Cajun Festival in Melbourne, now is a great time to engage in fun Florida festivals.
5 Lavender cloche with silk rosettes, white trim and leaves ($263), and 6 hot pink cloche with huge flower in caladium print ($312).
2+] ions from Aqueous Solutions by Caladium bicolour (Wild Cocoyam) Biomass.
Caladium (American arum): Severe vaginal itching, especially during pregnancy.
Plant tuberous begonia, caladium, calla, canna, crocosmia, dahlia, Asian and Oriental lily, Tigridia pavonia, tuberose, and gladiolus (try Gladiolus callianthus for fragrance, baby glads for short, loose spikes).