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any of various orchids of the genus Caladenia

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Caladenia oenochila is recorded from three locations, where it is vulnerable to disturbance.
hydrometrica Pauridia glabella Yellow Star Orchidaceae Acianthus caudatus Mayfly Orchid Acianthus exertus Large Mosquito Orchid Acianthus pusillus Small Gnat Orchid Caladenia praecox Early Caladenia Caladenia?
Swarts (2007) used ex situ baiting to locate "fungal hotspots" in field sites and proceeded to reintroduce seedlings of critically rare Caladenia huegelii into these areas.
In Australia, Swarts (2007) utilized sterilized millet seed colonized by mycorrhizal fungi to amend soil prior to reintroducing Caladenia huegelii seedlings.
Integrated conservation of the rare and endangered terrestrial orchid Caladenia huegelii H.
In this paper, we explore the ecological and genetic consequences of pollination by sexual deceit in the orchid Caladenia tentaculata.
Caladenia orchid seeds develop into the photosynthetic seedling stage via a nonphotosynthetic protocorm phase.
In Caladenia at least, which has both food deceptive and sexually deceptive species, pollination by food deception may also produce similar outcomes.
Only six of the 15 rambles to the hill between 1997 and 2000 were made at a time when caladenias, other than the common Pink Fingers Caladenia carnea, could be determined.
Pink Fairies Caladenia latifolia formed a tiny patch, of about 12 plants, on the upper southwestern slope of the western knoll.
He remarked that it was 'Apparently Caladenia patersonii (Common Spider-orchid), but a poor, battered specimen.
We also counted Eastern Spider Orchids Caladenia orientalis (Fig.
Scientific name Total Flowering % flowering Redbeaks Pyrorchis 186 47 25 nigricans Eastern Spider Caladenia 50 25 50 Orchids orientalis Table 5.
In the foothills north-east of Melbourne near Warrandyte, Trust for Nature has worked collaboratively with residents and local groups to protect the state listed Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa and the nationally endangered Little Pink Spider-orchid Caladenia rosella.
DSEWPC (2013) Caladenia rosella in Species Profile and Threats Database (Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities: Canberra).