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Then, even though your license is current, he cuffs you and hauls you off to the calaboose.
Bat Masterson said of his close friend and colleague, "Wyatt would bend the long barrel of his Buntline Special around the gunman's head and lug him to the calaboose.
I will put him in the calaboose and keep him until you get married and away'.
If the fussbudgets and naysayers insist on official safeguards, on some sort of "overseer" or "probation officer," what better solution than to bring in the man who put him in the calaboose in the first place?
Inside the calaboose, they feel the chill of the coral floor and hear Huish's teeth chattering, they attempt to warm themselves by huddling together; their sleep is only intermittent, since the cold floor and Huish's coughing keep waking them up.
The Natural Light's many introductions include Chester Drawers wood table lamp with working drawers and oval homespun shade; Calaboose wood table lamp with vase cap and finial on a linen soft side shade; and the Feline table lamp in tortoise finish on wood, bamboo and leather base with chocolate accents topped with soft-side leopard print shade.