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Synonyms for cakehole

informal terms for the mouth

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Paul Jennings, The Gizmo Again (1995) / Le machin-bidule (1998) I watch as half of my lovely lunch disappears down his cakehole.
JO Brand Through The Cakehole (Channel 4) was about mucky men, sex, mucky men, condoms and.
LOLZ, shizzle and cakehole are among 6,500 new words added to the existing quarter of a million in the latest Collins Scrabble word list.
Looks like someone should have kept their cakehole shut
And the first person to mention puff pastry gets a slap in the cakehole.
Don't lose your rag, you're guin down the outdoor, it's up the garden path, Between you me and the gatepost you don't loik it but you gotta laff, So shut your cakehole, give up the ghost, you're still wet behind the ears For the umpteenth time don't lose your rag or it will all end in tears.
She was shortlisted for the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival and landed her own comedy show Jo Brand Through the Cakehole.
Yes, THAT Jo Brand, the irritating woman with the biggest cakehole in the land and a strange way of speaking in the same droning manner.
How much "excess" packaging could you stuff in her cakehole before she got the message?
They Think It's All Over; Airport; Mrs Merton; Pole To Pole; Michael Barrymore's Strike It Rich; Spin City; ER; Jo Brand's Through The Cakehole.
This means you are apparently 'officially allowed' to shovel handfuls of knotty, salty snacks into your cakehole and not feel bad about it.
There's not an ounce of harm in his head," said one well-wisher, "but if only he would very occasionally shut his cakehole when people are trying to think about the racing, north Cheshire would be a better place.
A deliberately informal service at the Thornhill Crematorium included a song from his band Cakehole Presley being played, as well as a slideshow featuring pictures of Mark throughout his life.
MASTERCHEF star Gregg Wallace has been told to shut his cakehole - after criticising his mum's cooking.