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flattery intended to persuade

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When we consider that the Dardanelles was mined, that no permission to enter it had been ratified, and that everything depended on the German powers of cajolery at Constantinople, when we also recall the world wide results that ensued, it is not too much to say that few naval decisions more bold and well-judged were ever taken.
And even with cajolery, flattery, harassment, and nagging, the search ends half the time in failure, either because no one can be found, or because the person who eventually is found never delivers, or worse, turns out to be the wrong writer.
Flattery and cajolery are eternal parts of the diplomatic tool kit (ask Henry Kissinger).
Legend has it that anyone who manages to kiss the Blarney Stone--not an easy task, since it requires you to lie down and hang your head backward over a precipice--will be blessed with the gift of flattery or cajolery.
By introducing readers to corporate giants like automobile maker Knudsen and shipbuilder Kaiser, to name but two, Herman suggests a public spirit induced by Pearl Harbor and the winsome cajolery of FDR led to an opportunity for a generation of captains of industry to set aside profit, politics, and competition to respond to the needs of a government and its military in time of peril.
Smith, long-time Chairman of the House Committee on Rules--and not a civil rights enthusiast--offered his amendment in a spirit of satire and ironic cajolery.
I got the family of the sick man alone, used cajolery, and I mingled with the cajolery some vague threats of Government and Mission getting them (emphasis in original) for sorcery if they would disclose nothing.
campaign contributions and career civil servants through cajolery,
Ulfkotte detailed the pattern of cajolery and outright bribery used by the CIA and other US-allied intelligence agencies, for the purpose of advancing political agendas.
To sell their products advertisers have to resort to all kinds of cajolery so as to attract their target audience.
It is a plan that, through bullying and cajolery and for want of a more compelling alternative, could actually be realised.
Using a mixture of flattery, humor, cajolery, and sarcasm, she offers sympathy for his illness and suggestions for how to reduce his workload while firmly stating her intentions and protecting her own schedule.
House Republicans have been stalwart in their rejection of amnesty, despite the cajolery of both George W.
Further evidence that this was no co-ordinated, politically driven, anti-government protest came from the three West Midlands councils among the 35, each deciding to reject the Government's cash and cajolery in its distinctive way.
From there, he sorted it all out with a mixture of personal terrorism, cajolery, and adroit manipulation of parliamentary rules.