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an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome


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a two-wheeled military vehicle carrying artillery ammunition

a chest to hold ammunition

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large watertight chamber used for construction under water

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This consultation concerns the transport of caissons to recovery facilities or treatment centers, or a waste disposal center to another on the territory of the dac, and the leasing of approximately 90 caissons to store the various materials received in waste disposal and transfer docks.
4 May 2017 - London, UK-based medical technology company LivaNova PLC (NASDAQ: LIVN) has acquired the remaining 49% outstanding interests in Minnesota, US-based clinical-stage medical device company Caisson Interventional, LLC, giving LivaNova 100% ownership in Caisson, the company said.
The product was developed by Caisson and Dr Paul DeAngelis, at the University of Oklahoma.
Novo Nordisk entered into an exclusive license with Caisson in 2012 for haemophilia drug targets, which was later expanded in 2014.
James Ward, partner at Caisson Investment Management, said: "Our strategy of refurbishing units and improving the estate in general is proving to be the right one to attract new tenants and demonstrates the landlord's commitment to the estate to existing tenants.
Caisson has demonstrated successful technology transfer and cGMP scale-up with its pharmaceutical partners using its heparosan-based half-life extension and drug delivery platform, HEPtune, and will establish similar capabilities with CordenPharma in order to supply licensing partners with HEPtune drug conjugate material.
This large UAE oil company operates multiple barge-type offshore platforms constructed on caisson legs.
Over the last few months, some 27 tonnes of steel reinforcement have been fitted within the central caisson for the bridge, in readiness for a mass concrete pour that took place last week.
Yesterday, a spokesman said the caisson was "sitting within the limits expected for this stage of the operation".
The caisson not only is applied by the hydrostatic water pressure at two lateral sides, but also is applied by the floating force on the bottom.
The company will work for Fort Clarence-based Subsea 7 constructing support clamps for work on DONG Energy's SIRI Caisson Support Project in the North Sea.
To implement pipe inspections with the VT300 in the underwater work environment required two experienced IPI crews, supported by certified divers, a portable dock, boats, a caisson to access underwater manholes and other support equipment.
A novel Caisson / Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) subsea separator (gas/liquid) and pumping system to enhance production and maximize recovery has been utilized as part of the development of two of the fields (Ostra and Abalone).
Subsea 7 will permanently repair Siri's damaged subsea structure by installing cable stays between the platform legs and by securing the caisson through the installation of a support structure connected to the wellhead caisson.