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a smoky yellow or brown quartz


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Noel - halfbrother of controversial star Alain Baxter - was forced to put the bib he wore at Sestriere in Italy up for auction at his local Cairngorm Ski Club.
SCIENTISTS have warned climate change could cause snowfall in Scotland to drop 90 per cent by 2080 - devastating ski resorts such as the Nevis Range and Cairngorms.
The discovery came during research for a new book - Nature Of The Cairngorms - which details of more than 20 plants, invertebrates and fungi new to Britain.
It's more than three decades since six children on a school expedition died in the Cairngorms in a November blizzard.
NINE Belgian hillwalkers had to be rescued from a camping trip in the Cairngorms yesterday.
John Allen, leader of the Cairngorm mountain rescue team, said: "We were lucky to get them off before the bad weather came in.
As I drove along the shore of Loch Morlich the drizzle made way for sleet then as I approached Cairngorm itself, the sleet made way for snow.
John Allen, leader of Cairngorm mountain rescue team from 1989 to 2007, wrote a book, Cairngorm John, A Life In Mountain Rescue, to educate laymen like A.
With the town of Aviemore at its heart, the Cairngorm mountains dominate the northern Highlands and boasts some of the wildest and most impressive landscapes in the UK.
Santa will also be taking part in a Christmas Eve torchlight parade from the Red MacGregor car park to the Cairngorm Hotel, before heading off to deliver presents.
Cairngorm mountain rescue leader Willie Anderson said: "We have done all we can.
But as conditions eased and the RAF searched for the pair, climbers from the international meet joined mountain rescue teams from Cairngorm and Braemar in a massive manhunt.
The company have donated a seasonal PS1000 to the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre to help support the herd and their keepers at their busiest time of year.
Contract award: Supply & Fit of Motors and Inverters at Cairngorm Mountain.
Dr Ann Rowan and Professor Neil Glasser, who are based at the Centre of Glaciology in the department of geography and earth sciences at Aberystwyth, are among those involved with the research which shows that small glaciers almost certainly existed in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland as recently as the 18th century.