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a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored belly

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One of the caimans, which can grow to five feet long SIMON GREENER
Palabras clave: Caiman latirostris, dieta, crecimiento, estacion del ano, indicadores nutricionales.
Alligators, caimans and Burmese pythons are the most common, although over the years state wildlife officials have seized armadillos and an African lion, he said.
Caiman lizards are listed as a CITES Appendix II species, owing to the possibility that they might soon be under threat of extinction in their native South American habitats.
Moreover, the risk for human infection may be rising, given the increased marketing of meat from crocodiles, caimans, and alligators in many parts of the world (2).
This project determined how red and blue light affect the growth and development of neonatal Yacare Caimans.
Crocodilians--alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gavials--run on four-chambered hearts, as do mammals and birds.
By dugout canoe to see caimans, birds, even swim with piranhas
The veterinary services department is babysitting 20 caimans after a Nicosia pet shop owner tried to import them from The Netherlands.
We get hooligans coming in sometimes and asking for them but I won't sell caimans in my shop.
Although there's little in the way of traffic, driving can still be treacherous as it involves dodging wildlife big and small, including caimans, bleach-white storks, rheas, snakes and mammoth-sized rodents called carpinchos.
This research project utilized selected soluble bacteriostatic agents in environmental water to determine if mortality and morbidity in newly hatched Yacare Caimans and Morelet's Crocodiles would be reduced.
However, the crew were successful - filming the giant otters with their young, and observing groups of them intimidate the caimans with their giant razor sharp teeth.
These broad-snouted caimans are what's new at the Bronx (N.