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a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored belly

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The reserve is home to thousands of caimans (easily observed in the dry season), 400 species of birds, at least 45 species of mammals, and up to 15,000 cormorants and herons, who enjoy fishing in the lakes, which teem with fish.
Alligators, caimans and Burmese pythons are the most common, although over the years state wildlife officials have seized armadillos and an African lion, he said.
It's only a baby,' he declares as he picks up the caiman.
Armed with a catch pole - a stick with a loop of cable at the end, typically used to catch dogs - Perkins approached the caiman.
Shown (l-r): Michael Caiman, senior vice president of marketing, Bergdorf Goodman; Teresa Donahue, CFA, equity research retailing analyst, Neuberger Berman; Philip B.
The populations of the black caiman (melanosuchus niger), the largest of the four Amazonian alligator species, and the broad-snouted caiman (caiman latirostins), found in the Pantanal Wetlands in central Brazil, have soared chiefly because of breeding in captivity, according to environmentalists quoted by the daily O Estado de Sao Paulo.
The novel, Love is a Four Letter Word by Claire Caiman, is worth 6.
The guide flashed a spotlight on the red eyes of a caiman (A South American alligator).
Cuba's resemblance to a caiman is well known, as is the fact that "El Caballo" has made many attempts to suppress the practice of traditional Afro-Cuban religious rites.
s (DRI) announcement that it is entering into an equal partnership with Caiman Energy II, LLC (Caiman) to develop midstream assets in Utica Shale to be supportive of credit quality, but not likely to affect current ratings ('BBB+' Issuer Default Rating [IDR]).
The City Council voted 4-3 Monday in support of purchasing a Caiman MTV Defensive Vehicle.
The fascinating images show the 20st big cat ambushing the 8ft-long caiman as it basks in the sunshine on a riverbank.
11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett ; Caiman Energy Founder, Chairman and CEO Jack Lafield ; and EnerVest Ltd.
will be a funding partner in a joint venture with Caiman Energy II to develop midstream infrastructure serving oil and gas producers in the Utica Shale.
They found the lemurs, along with three African dwarf crocodiles, monkeys, a spectacled caiman and nine snakes - including pythons and boa constrictors.