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The authors argue that she served as a police agent penetrating the Cagoule and that her murder originated in the group's suspicion of her.
Nul ne doit savoir qui se dissimule sous la cagoule du porte-croix.
Peter Stilwell, Crowthorne That just caps it all The guy who was dishing out inappropriate dress code stickers at Ascot was wearing a baseball cap, a cagoule, and a scarf.
Another update for 2010 comes in the shape of my first cagoule.
She was described as white, 5ft 8in tall with short, light brown hair and was wearing spectacles, blue trousers and a white cagoule.
While the rest of us are packing swimming costumes, hairdryers, Factor 25 and cagoule (in case it's wet), the star of Tracks and Extreme Survival looks out such items as an emergency dental kit, machete, water sterilisation pack and venom extractor.
There are hooded tops for those wet weather moments, on sleeveless drawstring tops and a can't-miss-this silver cagoule.
Par la suite, il a indique que le groupe cagoule l'a depose ainsi que ces deux compagnons a la place ou ils etaient.
The offender is described as white, 5ft 10in tall, of athletic build with dark hair and was wearing a blue cagoule with the hood pulled around his face.
It's a lightweight, blue cagoule with large white buttons.
He is aged around 40, 6ft, medium build and was wearing a blue baseball cap, green cagoule or rain jacket, blue jeans and brown shoes.
He was wearing a distinctive beige cagoule, black trousers and white trainers.
ZIP up the cagoule and batten down the hatches - June has arrived complete with severe weather warnings, 50mph gales and travel disruption.