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an offensive and insulting term for any Black African

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The host status of African buffaloes, Syncerus caffer, for Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) decoloratus.
The term Uhlanga, sometimes used by the frontier Caffers for the Supreme Being, is supposed by the missionaries to be derived from hlanganisa, to join together.
Herbert said: "Allan is driving well and he's got a good young partner in Pierre Caffer.
Gonzalez Fraga S, Villagra de Trejo A, Pichel M, Figueroa S, Merletti G, Caffer MI, et al.
Vallo P, Guillen-Servent A, Benda P, Pires DB, Koubek P Variation of mitochondrial DNA reveals high cryptic diversity in Hipposideros caffer complex.
5"W) Cave Kwamang Hipposideros 40 10 (4/6) (6[degrees] caffer ruber 58'N, 1 H.
The Kruger bat samples were collected from 3 species of fruit bats (Megachiroptera) and 12 species of insectivorous bats (Microchiroptera), including samples from 56 Chaerephon pumila, 32 Rousettus aegyptiacus, 27 Mops condylurus, 16 Hipposideros caffer, plus 57 samples from 11 other species.
0) Insect bats Chaerephon pumila 0/35 0/18 Hipposideros caffer 0/5 0/9 Hipposideros commersoni 0/16 Miniopterus inflatus 1/34 (2.
The large-animal fauna includes Loxodonta africana (Elephant), Syncerus caffer (Buffalo), Tragelaphus sp.
Rossi A, Galas M, Binztein N, Rivas M, Caffer MI, Corso A, et al.
A pipeline which will carry natural gas from Turkmenistan to the Indian Ocean via Afghanistan and Pakistan will provide a much needed boost to government caffers in Kabul, officials said on December 28.