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Synonyms for caffeinism

poisoning resulting from excessive intake of caffeine containing products

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Caffeine isn't harmful in moderate amounts but if you take more than around 300mg a day (four cups of instant coffee or two cans of Monster) you can develop caffeinism, a tolerance and addiction to caffeine.
I have studied my symptoms in retrospect, and noticed that the pharmacodynamic effects of caffeine and symptoms created by caffeinism have together masked the symptoms creating panic disorder.
Caffeinism can occur if you have above 600mg to 750mg of caffeine per day.
Researchers feel that caffeinism occurs more often with those who consume energy drinks because of the time and volume at which caffeine is ingested.
To continue with ADHD, the following physical illnesses or mental conditions can reproduce some of the so-called symptoms of that disorder: sleep apnea, lead poisoning, pinworms, caffeinism, hyperthyroidism, learning disorders of various kinds, diets heavy in glucose and other sugars, and hyperinsulinism.