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Synonyms for caffeinism

poisoning resulting from excessive intake of caffeine containing products

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The symptoms of caffeinism can include feelings of anxiety and nervousness, sleep disruption (especially difficult getting off to sleep), restlessness, irritability, diuresis (passing lots of water/urine), stomach complaints, tremulousness, palpitations and arrythmias (changed heart rate, especially faster beating).
Caffeinism is caused by toxic levels of caffeine with symptoms that include: nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, irregular heartbeat, irregular respiration (breathing), light-headedness, jitteriness, and frequent urination.
Anxiety and depression associated with caffeinism among psychiatric inpatients.
To continue with ADHD, the following physical illnesses or mental conditions can reproduce some of the so-called symptoms of that disorder: sleep apnea, lead poisoning, pinworms, caffeinism, hyperthyroidism, learning disorders of various kinds, diets heavy in glucose and other sugars, and hyperinsulinism.
She shared all this later, with her Support System, following the therapist's death from homeopathic caffeinism, including her (i.
Senior's lawyer Charles Gabb told the court martial: "He had a medical problem known as caffeinism.