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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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Speaker thereafter instructed the cafeteria administration to elevate the standards of food served.
com's professional staff of writers and graphic illustrators then created an Online Product Presentation for the Mobile Cafeteria Table Tow Bar, helping to clarify how the invention works and looks.
According to the play centre employee who alerted the cafeteria employees about the robbers, the pump remains open till 12 midnight.
The mechanics of the cafeteria plan works much like a cafeteria that serves food as mentioned above.
He said the inspectors found out that there were serious violations of health regulations by the workers of the cafeteria including lack of hygiene precaution in different stages of food preparation.
School Superintendent Maureen Marshall said the district had examined the possibility of outsourcing the cafeteria operation in an effort to make it self-sufficient, as well as eliminating more than $100,000 for insurance and other benefits from the operating budget.
The cafeteria was supposed to have opened last spring, but bad weather and issues with adding a modular building delayed the opening to September.
For if such language is retained, members of the Church will continue to abide in the confused state of things; the notion that one can be either a liberal Catholic or a conservative Catholic, a devout Catholic or a cafeteria Catholic will be perpetuated.
Each Boston school cafeteria has to balance a budget, which makes for some interesting choices at Hernandez (and many other Boston public schools).
125 cafeteria plans and proposed and final regulations (in particular, Prop.
He said that most of the injuries were from shrapnel and from the collapse of the cafeteria ceiling.
With library and cafeteria dominating the ground floor, it has become rather like a cultural centre in a small town.
Eating radish sprout salad during lunch at the factory cafeteria had been linked to illness.
Then he began to preach about "cafeteria Catholics," people who pick and choose what and how they will believe--as they do in cafeteria lines.
A small Solution Machine, such as would be suitable for installation in a school cafeteria, could digest 15 lb of plates plus 11 lb of flatware and 6 lb of cups and dessert plates - enough for 400 students - in less than 5 min.