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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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1) The great strength of the caesural model is that it
Let us return to the first stanza, for it sets the poem's unsettling tone through alliterative and caesural maneuvers.
Most of us now accept that Shakespeare's metrics change over his career and that counts of simple features like caesural pause, enjambment, and unstressed endings reliably chart this variation.
Shaw notes several instances of Hopkins' sundering objects from their prepositions, removing pronouns from their antecedents, and constructing caesural breaks to impede completion of a phrase or clause, all of which help dramatize what Shaw regards as Hopkins' central theme--that God and faith, though certainties, are "incomprehensible certainties" (88).
The colloquy between the men ends (as Joyce's narrative does) on a caesural note: Cranly does not (or cannot) answer Stephen when the latter asks who it is, in fact, who wants to be 'more than a friend' (p.
The arresting phrase imitates the movement of a sea swell (motion crests with the first "still," suspends itself at the caesural pause, and then sweeps downward again with the second "still" and ensuing "so"--an adverb secondarily suggesting the repetition of the process indefinitely).
On the other, the fractured faces are the return of repressed, now-forbidden images, transformed, reworked, reworking - markers of identity, which is always caesural, a matter of rhythm.