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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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Suggested by the lines' elongated caesurae is a sense of ongoing erasure--the silence that accumulates as the child's verbal expression becomes increasingly limited.
The introduction also gives a bare-bones "handbook" explanation of blank verse, iambic pentameter, caesurae, couplets, and imagery.
Given that the organic is thus invested with a decisive strategic function" in domains as disparate as philosophy, politics, and medicine, it is significant (to adapt Giorgio Agamben) that in the long Romantic period in particular the living principle is "ceaselessly articulated and divided" "through a series of caesurae and oppositions" (Agamben 13) that leave us uncertain as to where precisely it resides: whether in organisms as opposed to minerals, or animals as opposed to plants.
With this voicing of the line, there is one main rest in the line, after the word "man," instead of two pauses or caesurae, as marked by the commas.
Two other metrical concerns, caesurae and bridges, are important in analyzing Greek meter.
And this sense of strange attraction is not present only in the perpetually open eyes too hideous to look at; the hesitant and yet leaping nature of Dickey's caesurae seems to engage the reader physically in the farm-boys' encounter with open territory.
An extensive use of caesurae, ruptures, and pauses foregrounds once more the impossibility of temporal continuity between present and past.
36) Provencal X(I)s, such as those of Vidal, mentioned above, contained as many lyric caesurae as their French counterparts.
Nevertheless, in English, Hebrew, and Hungarian iambic pentameter lines, the overwhelming majority of caesurae between segments of unequal length occur after the fourth rather than the sixth position.
Although primarily invested in the lyric, Drift Ice reflects the poet's interest not only in traditional stanzas, but in fragmentation, linear indentation and caesurae, as well, as in these lines from "Mare Incognita":
The line responds to punctuation's absence--flush left, indent, hit tab, and distribute across the page with caesurae.