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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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It is at this juncture, in marking the ultimate legal violence that redaction enables, that we can even begin to think about the ways in which we can stage diagnoses and protests, make alliances and solidarities, to disrupt the continuing mechanisms of biopolitical caesurae.
Now this observation is consistent with the fact that both in English and French poetry the overwhelming majority of caesurae in decasyllabic lines occur after the fourth position.
7) I am equating the hemistich here with Pushkin's caesura, since the rules concerning caesurae are different in English verse.
An extensive use of caesurae, ruptures, and pauses foregrounds once more the impossibility of temporal continuity between present and past.
Throughout, Pite is alert to the importance of pacing, rhythm, caesurae, and the positioning of stress.
He notes that Lucretius and Cicero both have 2-strong, 3-strong and 4-strong about one-third of the time, but that Cicero has 3-strong and 4-strong over 50% of the time while Lucretius has those caesurae only about 12%.
caesura or cesura plural caesuras or caesurae Late Latin, literally, the act of cutting or felling; a calque of Greek tomecaesura, literally, cutting
The caesurae in both the Hengwrt and the Ellesmere in the second line are marked thus: "Despitously | he loked | and answerde" (I.
The implication that his intellectual life was without fundamental caesurae is at least disputable.