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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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Consonant-initial words (CV-) appear after the minor caesura (ninth syllable) 2,535 times in books 2-8 when the preceding word contains a light final syllable of the form -VC, and 151 times when the preceding syllable is heavy (-VC or -VCC).
It is also a kind of spoken caesura, a vowel-sounded break before "ye Fountains" can do their work; it is the kind of break one might make if surprised and interrupted by a vision of the fountains and meadows.
Snyder inserts a visible caesura into his translation with extra spaces, so that "The nation is ruined, but mountains and rivers remain / This spring the city is deep in weeds and brush.
52) Caesuras twice mark breaks from sentences rehearsing reasons he will not be caught to show Claudio's death intruding on Angelo's thoughts: "He should have liv'd" (4.
Topics include preliminary communications on observations on countertransference as a technical instrument, a testimony on transference-countertransference, the countertransference position at the crossroads, a contemporary approach to countertransference from the River Plate region, reviewing case histories with modern ideas, misconceptions, transference on the couch, the effects of socio-political violence, child analysis, the hidden order of "human sacrifice," transference or caesura, minute-to-minute analysis, nonverbal clues, self-reflective transference, role-reversal, the "influencing machine," and transference and countertransference with some patients.
Recall his reflections on Odysseus in Excursus I of Dialectic of Enlightenment (Stanford University Press 2002, 60) where, according to Adorno, through Homer's account, the violence enacted by Odysseus is transformed: 'But when speech pauses, the caesura allows the events narrated to be transformed into something long past, and causes to flash up a semblance of freedom that civilization has been unable wholly to extinguish ever since.
She dies for just a moment in childbirth; but it's merely a caesura to accommodate a new beginning.
Though the presupposition is hidden behind the supplement, it comes back to light whenever the caesura of sin once again divides nature and grace, nudity and clothing" ("Nudity" 64).
March 2011 is set to mark a caesura in Japanese history comparable to August 1945: the end of a particular model of state, economy and society, both marked by nuclear catastrophes that shook the world (even if the present one seems likely to be slightly muted and the meltdown kept to partial, the regional consequences may be broader, the number of people disastrously affected greater).
The second set of poems, "The Doldrums," dating from the late '90s and haunted by repeated references to the war in the former Yugoslavia (his birthplace) marks a caesura in his writing and thought.
In addition, the repetition of words and phrases appears more often than in the typescripts, and caesura is used to greater effect.
But this, though clever, has no support in the rest of the poem, for never again is there a quatrain with this pattern and only once again a caesura after the first foot of a second or fourth line--or, for that matter, any line.
We have already talked about the differential theory of the faculties, the communication of violence from one faculty to another blowing apart "common sense," which Deleuze sketches in Kant's Critical Philosophy (29) in the analysis of the sublime in the Critique of Judgment, and which, in Murphy's reading, forms the caesura of chapter three and hence all of Difference and Repetition.
Once you get past the caesura of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, every syllable of the street comes to vivid and variable life.
Conflating the story of Eve's fall from grace with those of Shakespeare's Ophelia and a contemporary "green girl," Ferrell's poem adeptly uses anaphora and caesura to present the three narratives as having the same fundamental plot, which is retold and reenacted across cultures.