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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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There were no differences in pH values of the digesta in jejunum, ileum and caecum on d 14 and in the duodenum, jejunum, ileum and caecum on d 42 among dietary treatments (Table 7).
Histopathological studies: Formalin fixed specimens of ileum, caecum and colonic segments were processed and stained with haematoxylin and eosin for histopathological evaluation.
Within the colon, 50% are found in the caecum and ascending colon.
A 1 cm midline abdominal incision was made and the caecum was isolated and ligated below the ileocaecal valve using 4-0 silk suture.
The colitis may be patchy in as many as 41% of cases and involve only the right colon or caecum in 18-44%.
From each animal, 10-20-g portions were collected for separate culture from the ileum, ileal (caudal jejunal) lymph node, caecal lymph node, and from a pool of caecum and proximal colon.
They act as prodrugs, and pass through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract nearly unaltered to reach the caecum and colon, where they are transformed to rheineanthrone, the active metabolite.
16) A sacculated stomach or well-developed caecum and colon are associated with plant-based diets.
Detection of Norwalk-like vires genes in the caecum contents of pigs.
Pediatric colonoscopes are no more effective than the standard equipment for outpatient adult colonoscopy, although having the option of an alternative scope after an unsuccessful examination may help achieve passage to the caecum, reported S.