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Synonyms for caducous

shed at an early stage of development

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Leaves reduced, linear-oblong to linear-lanceolate, caducous Aphyllocladus 20b.
due to the possession of caducous leaves and long attachment of the leaf lobule to the stem.
Leaves alternate, deciduous; commonly petiolate; blades ovate to orbicular, coriaceous, less commonly chartaceous, caducous, pinnately veined, margin entire, both surfaces densely tomentose to glabrate.
Leaves simple and entire, normally petiolate, rarely sessile, usually opposite, rarely alternate or whorled; stipules absent or small and caducous, almost always with toothlike colleters in axil of leaf, sometimes on petiole, in a cluster adaxially at juncture of petiole and base of lamina or along midrib above, rarely with domatia abaxially in axils of veins.
Figure 10 conveys a sense of the abundance of densely-occurring detached, fragmentary ultimate-alethopterid pinnae, and caducous linopterid pinnules that are associated with the medullosalean axes throughout the sample area.