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Synonyms for caducous

shed at an early stage of development

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5 mm long, caducous on the old parts, intense on the young branches, distributed on the branches, stipules, petioles, rachis, leaflets, inflorescences, bracts, pedicels, margin with sepals and abaxial surface with the petals.
Figure 10 conveys a sense of the abundance of densely-occurring detached, fragmentary ultimate-alethopterid pinnae, and caducous linopterid pinnules that are associated with the medullosalean axes throughout the sample area.
Most succulent plants have small caducous leaves, an adaptation that helps to avoid excessive evapotranspiration during the frequent periods of aridity.
We observed some intermediate leaf forms with caducous hairs, and these were identified as the glabrous variety in vegetation analyses.
The caducous polygala is faded in cool places almost white; knot-grass or door-grass (Polygonum aviculare) is still in bloom.
5-8 x 1 mm, densely sericeous on both faces, caducous.